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April 2017, Ride For Life !!!

When you are riding and coming back home, you are happy.

When you are riding and doing something for the society and coming back home, everyone is happy.
After many things we have seen in life, I have decided to do a ride “Ride for life” sometime in April this year.

This title is no hashtag or tagline, but it will contain various things and cause that are connected directly to our life.
Distributing foods and clothes to the poors (Important in life to survive)

Plantation in Restaurants, Dhabas and highways (Important in life to survive)

Telling villagers and uneducated all their rights (Important in life to survive)

Distributing chocolates and organising funny games for poor children (Important in life to survive)

A session on Fitness in a government school (Important in life to survive)
I am doing this alone but anyone who wants to join me is welcome.
“”C’mon, Lets Ride For Life””

Here i am.. Delhi !!

Like i discussed in my last blog about my friend’s accident, i left for delhi today to bring his bike home.

  • A tiring ride of 17 hours from todays 24 hours (5 minutes still remains when im writing this) and one more thing i made sure. “Don’t fall asleep while riding” 😁
  • Well, here’s a picture of today

The negative news you must know !!

Well, there are some negatives news that need to be shared to raise awareness among various things.

Biking is good to the point till our senses are with us and the moment we gets distracted, the bad game begins.

My friend mohit kapoor (A Royal Enfield 1975 rider) was on a ride to Rishikesh with his friend the other day. After leaving the office and having dinner, he started his journey which he thought was going to be an adventurous one because it’s everybody’s love to ride in Himalayas. After riding for five hours when he reached Gurugram, New Delhi, he felt asleep while riding and what happened next doens’t need to be described I think.
He got his back injured and his left arm fractured. He returned Jaipur the next day after leaving his motorcycle at one of his friends house. 

Here are some of the pictures of the motorcycle.

I am writing this becuase there are certain things which i think you all must know. As per my experience too, driving for more than 6 hours continuously raise the chances of getting asleep while riding if you have not taken proper rest before starting your ride plus, if you are over eating before starting a long ride, I’m afraid but there are again these chances.

So for all the riders out there, take proper rest, sleep enough, eat healthy but less and most important, drink lots of water.

Its your life, take care of it. 

And here is the flag !!

We desire to travel, some of us to meet routine life, for our work, but some of us for life not to escape us.

Travelling in 20’s let’s us understand the true meaning of life. We don’t care about tomorrow. Just hit the road ‘today’, and and every tomorrow becomes today.

For all of us, say we live for 70 years. Minus 25 years of sleep. Minus 18 years of childhood where we are guided to go home-school-home. So most of us are left with approx. 20 years to live our life. So why not live those years. Dedicate those years to our passion. Live for something.

If i am from a middle class family and choose travelling in my 20’s. Makes me worry about money ? No. There are people who can pay me if i travel for some good cause, for you people, for the society, for my country.

Here is my flag which i will use during my overland rides, currently sponsored by and i am in contact with many other companies to help me. Lets see. Matter of time.

And something flew !!

We don’t dream, We don’t have wings, We cannot fly.

We dream, Our dreams becomes our wings, We Fly.
So here’s my story of discussing some future goals at ‘Tapri The Tea House’ with some of the enterpreneurs, who are actually friend of mine.

This place has become one of my favourites to discuss anything because ‘The open sky, a machine with wings and the Energetic Tricolor’ challenges me to be like them and there’s nothing that can stop me now.

Here’s the Queen of Jaipur !!

I always had a dream of owning a great bike. A superbike. A Harley Davidson V Rod.

My love for cruiser bikes is like some old Vine. Gets better everyday. I dreamt of having an eye catcher. And a comfortable ride.

Travelling is my life but travelling with my motorcycle is lifeline. Waiting for that day when i will ride my own Harley Davidson V Rod overland. Here i am with my customised bajaj Avenger (My Black Betty) travelling India and overland to 9 countries in a span of 3 months starting from august.

I hope some modification in the engine will do my thing.

Stay updated for further updates. Thankyou. Love. Asif.

A round of my state’s capital with Betty.

​well. I got my flag with the supposed title of my book which will be published after my overland rides soon. 

A ride just to promote myself in the city.

Jaipur. One of the best places and ofcourse, my favourite.

Stay updated guys, i will update everything soon, about my project and upcoming campaign. 🙂

Another interview with HBTV

Got interviewed for the second time with HBTV to discuss plannings, entetpreneurship and ofcourse the food of #WindViewCafe.

Interview with HBTV Yuva !!!

First fly towards sky.
Got interviewed for the first time. No. Not for some job.
But for myself on “HBTV YUVA” about my past trips and the upcoming campaign.
Will upload the episode as soon as it airs on the national television. Stay updated.
So this campaign will be about “Fitness”.
Travelling overland just to tell people to remain fit.
Detailed description of the project will be uploaded soon.

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