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Workout motivation video live now on YouTube.

Hello everyone.

My workout motivation video is now live on YouTube. 

Channel name – The Motor Nomad


New title video

I was off for months and finally im back with a fresh title musical video on YouTube.

Just go to this link and tell me ur views.

A screenshot from the video.

Soon I’ll start moto vlogging on a content which has never been shown by any of the indian moto vlogger.
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See the new title teaser 

See the new title teaser video of my upcoming project.

Hope you like it.. 

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I was on a break from a long time so couldn’t update my page with my recent ride to spiti valley

However, I have launched my YouTube channel ( The Aesthetic Rider ) where i have already uploaded a video of my spiti’s ride and will upload many videos in future giving tips and suggestions based on my personal experiences and how i did this road trip of 3000 KMs and 12 days in a mere budget of 6000.
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Finally, i can sleep.

Its the third day of my ride and i have found a place to pitch my tent.

It’s more than beautiful and tonight i am not staying under the clouds but in the clouds.

Thanks to the owner of this place for allowing me to stay here safely unlike Shivpuri where local people told us about presence of wild elephant and other animals at night.

Check out the pics right here and stay updated for tomorrow

First Sponsors:- BSN

How does it feel when an international and renowned brand sponsors you? For me, that can not be described in words.

Just got the Gym bag, Sipper, Amino energy & Whey sachets and T-shirts after a bit of hustle.

Stay tuned, this is just the small starting of a gigantic journey.

Special thanks to Mr. Sanjay for providing the stuff on a short notice. ✌
#ON #ontruestrength #optimumnutrition #BSN #fitindiacampaign 

#travelwithasif #milesfromourhome

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First day of the promotional ride.

Day 1.

Jaipur to Noida.

Something went wrong with my motorcycle’s headlight and i had to start my ride at 6 am.

Where Delhi’s traffic added more worse to it. 7 hour journey.

So just like this ride and my last ride, everyone’s suggesed to enter delhi at or before 7 am. 

Some whey and oats powder kept me alive ✌

Jai ho.
#travelwithasif #milesfromourhome 

#ON #optimumnutrition #ontruestrength

Travel for free !!

Let’s collab and i will sponsor your 3 days trip. Place of your choice.
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