We desire to travel, some of us to meet routine life, for our work, but some of us for life not to escape us.

Travelling in 20’s let’s us understand the true meaning of life. We don’t care about tomorrow. Just hit the road ‘today’, and and every tomorrow becomes today.

For all of us, say we live for 70 years. Minus 25 years of sleep. Minus 18 years of childhood where we are guided to go home-school-home. So most of us are left with approx. 20 years to live our life. So why not live those years. Dedicate those years to our passion. Live for something.

If i am from a middle class family and choose travelling in my 20’s. Makes me worry about money ? No. There are people who can pay me if i travel for some good cause, for you people, for the society, for my country.

Here is my flag which i will use during my overland rides, currently sponsored by paarli.com and i am in contact with many other companies to help me. Lets see. Matter of time.