Well, there are some negatives news that need to be shared to raise awareness among various things.

Biking is good to the point till our senses are with us and the moment we gets distracted, the bad game begins.

My friend mohit kapoor (A Royal Enfield 1975 rider) was on a ride to Rishikesh with his friend the other day. After leaving the office and having dinner, he started his journey which he thought was going to be an adventurous one because it’s everybody’s love to ride in Himalayas. After riding for five hours when he reached Gurugram, New Delhi, he felt asleep while riding and what happened next doens’t need to be described I think.
He got his back injured and his left arm fractured. He returned Jaipur the next day after leaving his motorcycle at one of his friends house. 

Here are some of the pictures of the motorcycle.

I am writing this becuase there are certain things which i think you all must know. As per my experience too, driving for more than 6 hours continuously raise the chances of getting asleep while riding if you have not taken proper rest before starting your ride plus, if you are over eating before starting a long ride, I’m afraid but there are again these chances.

So for all the riders out there, take proper rest, sleep enough, eat healthy but less and most important, drink lots of water.

Its your life, take care of it.