When you are riding and coming back home, you are happy.

When you are riding and doing something for the society and coming back home, everyone is happy.
After many things we have seen in life, I have decided to do a ride “Ride for life” sometime in April this year.

This title is no hashtag or tagline, but it will contain various things and cause that are connected directly to our life.
Distributing foods and clothes to the poors (Important in life to survive)

Plantation in Restaurants, Dhabas and highways (Important in life to survive)

Telling villagers and uneducated all their rights (Important in life to survive)

Distributing chocolates and organising funny games for poor children (Important in life to survive)

A session on Fitness in a government school (Important in life to survive)
I am doing this alone but anyone who wants to join me is welcome.
“”C’mon, Lets Ride For Life””