​”Love is the feeling you get when you like something as much as your motorcycle”.

7 march. One year of Betty.
Not only humans transform their body with time, machines does too, given proper care.
Its just one year and this beauty got transformed into a beast and i can already imagine how it will look the next year.
Here are some simple tips to get your engine going and going and going -:
*Don’t drive with half clutch.

*Use synthetic engine oil.

*Don’t wait for the oil to drain fully.

*Go with lower RPM.

*Start the engine for 1 minute every morning before riding.

*Do not charge mobile or lights when engine is idle.

*Cean air filter after every 3000 KMs.

*Take a break after every 100 KMs if you are going for more than 800 KMs a day.

*After hours of riding don’t turn the ignition off as soon as you stop.

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