Yes it’s a question to everyone. Do you really hear yourself?
Many friends of mine have asked me, complained me about their life.

Not happy with whatever is going in the life, not aware of the actions to take, what to do.

But i just can’t say anything much but to stay positive and motivated.
Born in a Rich, Middle class or poor family !! Taking care of family business, doing 5-8 table work regardless your interest. 

Every other guy does the same and this will lead to a world where buried dreams will overtake count of dead bodies under the earth. 

Everyone has some potential but then our parents know some ‘Sharma Ji’ in the neighborhood with a child with brilliant brain.
It’s the time. To stand, to rise, to shine.
Life always has a happy ending, you just don’t give up.

Failures will teach you the importance of success.
Hear yourself. Do what you love. Don’t care about anything else. 

Maybe today you are not happy with what you are doing or what is going through your life but that doesn’t mean you are not destined for what you deserve.
If you are dreaming very big and unconfident about it, keep dreaming. Because if there is even 1% chance of succeeding, you should take it as absolute certainty.
And one day, definitely, One day, you will find yourself.