Hey everyone. Just writing this small post and requesting you everyone to workout at least 30 minutes a day. It’s hardly 3% of your entire day.
The type of body we maintain till the age of 30 decides our future body shape, stamina and strength.

Late is never, start working out.
Eat healthy. Avoid fast processed food and junk food. Prefer home made food.

Drink 4 litres water everyday.

If you are working out daily for ౩-4 muscles, the protein intake for you is “Body weight * 2” grams

If you are a beginner or just training muscles with light weight or own body weight then the protein intake is “Body weight * 1.8” grams.
If you want to gain muscles then go for 3000+ calories and high carbs diet.

If you are loosing weight then go for low carbs and 1500-2000 calories per day.
Start following, don’t lie to yourself.

Eat healthy, stay healthy, stay happy, stay motivated.
Remember, exercise is just 20% in transformation. The whole game is of healthy and routine diet. ✌