A name which comes to our mind when we hear names like lakes, architecture, food, history, culture, forts and rajputana.
The first planned city post independence, is on everyone’s top list during their visit to North India. 

Two days back when I was roaming around the city to find a perfect place for my shoot’s background, I realised how much i underestimated this city where i am living from last 4 years.
When i was on my way to nahargarh, i stopped on the road and got this view which according to me is the best view to witness the beauty of Jal Mahal or Man Sagar lake. 

I don’t know what stopped me and i realised after sitting one hour that i didn’t do anything. I was jist sitting and looking at this serene beauty.
We get to see every every generation from here.

The nature which is perfectly created by God, our forefathers generation which created these incomparable architectures and the last, ourselves, who are busy in giving these buildings more ways to look good in our cameras.

This place is my personal favourite in Jaipur to spend time alone. 

Look at this now.

No not at my motorcycle, the beauty behind, The Albert Hall.
Does it remind you of something similar in one or other way ?
Yes, to me, it does.

The Golden Temple of Amritsar i visited back in October 2015.
For you all not to get confused who are not aware of this museum, unlike the Golden Temple, this is not made up of gold, but the lights in the night gives quite similar look of that.
I stopped by for few minutes to add more Colors to the frame with my motorcycle.
Well that’s the beauty of Jaipur. One place has it’s two beauties in day and night.

I hope the night tourism will get a boost in upcoming days. 
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