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Fundraising for my upcoming campaign!

So here’s the small part of the big game, my fundraising campaign is live now and just like always, i need your help and support.

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Travel in Shoestring budget.

Love travelling? But a middle class fella?

No worries anymore. It takes our will to travel, not money. Really.


Where ever you go, go with all your heart – confucius


When you see, it does not read like, “Where ever you go, go with all your money”


Well, this is nothing but according to my personal experience. Be it the trip of Punjab or the Mighty Himalayas or our own heaven on earth, Ladakh.

I covered 4 big cities of Punjab (Jallandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Punjab) in 3800 rs.

A road trip of 11 days to ladakh in just 8000.


But before that, let me explain this.

When i was planning my trip to ladakh I interacted with many people who had been there, asked about the hotel prices and everyone amazed my ears by telling the prices of night as low as 1000-1500 rs.

So according to them, i needed a budget of 18-20k for my trip but to their surprise, 16k was the budget for two of us and we covered everything smoothly.


Whether you are a student saving money to travel, a working man who saves 15k for one trip in a year and waits for another year to go travel the beautiful world, you need to be smart traveller.


what if you say me, “I travel one state in 15k” and what if i say you, “you can travel 3 states in 15k”

Well thats something nobody would like to ignore.


Now, there are certain things to consider-:

  • As soon as you step out of your house, lock your luxuries in. Staying in expensive and luxurious hotels is not a smart choice because travelling itself is a luxury.
  • Avoid booking the hotels online unless you are getting a good discount. Bargain on the spot and you can get a homestay for as low as 300 rs. or free of cost. Talking and interacting with them will also make you know about their culture.
  • Eat roadside or homecooked foods as it way cheaper than that available in those big concrete buildings plus, they people provide food to earn their livelihood not for great profits.


There are hundreds of things to consider but i cant write everything in just one post.
Soon i am opening my Youtube channel where i will upload all my rides and documentaries, and videos for budget travelling including my trip to Spiti Valley (where i will be carrying just 1500 rs.) starting from 7 july.


For further queries or help regarding itineraries-:

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3) Follow on Instagram “travel_with_asif”

4) Simply reply on my blog post.


Stay updated to my posts and youtube channel as something very big is also on its way. 🙂



Padhaaro Mhaare Rajasthan!!

Rajasthan is one of the important states in India. 

Be it our heart touching dialect, daal-baati-choorma, golden sand dunes, royal culture, amazing architectures and ofcourse the pink city.
Last week I was shooting for my campaign and got to see some amazing Colors of Jaipur.
As soon as it started getting darker, the pink hawa mahal changed it’s color in Gold like Gold. Though i stood there for 20 minutes, it looked like it was only me and that amazing creation. Rest everything was moving silent.

Oh wait !!
Let me share a picture which i clicked first after waiting for the sun to set. The jal mahal from nahargarh.

And then there is this museum where the old MUMMY rests in peace, the Albert Hall.

A white structure with hundreds of birds in front, is how it looks during daylight.

But can you believe white turns into gold when the darkness tries to overshadow.

Just like, when the sun sets, it spreads a sheet of it’s sunrays on this museum.

This is Jaipur my dear !!


A name which comes to our mind when we hear names like lakes, architecture, food, history, culture, forts and rajputana.
The first planned city post independence, is on everyone’s top list during their visit to North India. 

Two days back when I was roaming around the city to find a perfect place for my shoot’s background, I realised how much i underestimated this city where i am living from last 4 years.
When i was on my way to nahargarh, i stopped on the road and got this view which according to me is the best view to witness the beauty of Jal Mahal or Man Sagar lake. 

I don’t know what stopped me and i realised after sitting one hour that i didn’t do anything. I was jist sitting and looking at this serene beauty.
We get to see every every generation from here.

The nature which is perfectly created by God, our forefathers generation which created these incomparable architectures and the last, ourselves, who are busy in giving these buildings more ways to look good in our cameras.

This place is my personal favourite in Jaipur to spend time alone. 

Look at this now.

No not at my motorcycle, the beauty behind, The Albert Hall.
Does it remind you of something similar in one or other way ?
Yes, to me, it does.

The Golden Temple of Amritsar i visited back in October 2015.
For you all not to get confused who are not aware of this museum, unlike the Golden Temple, this is not made up of gold, but the lights in the night gives quite similar look of that.
I stopped by for few minutes to add more Colors to the frame with my motorcycle.
Well that’s the beauty of Jaipur. One place has it’s two beauties in day and night.

I hope the night tourism will get a boost in upcoming days. 
🙂 🙂 🙂

Got to sit after 2 hours !!

Just sharing a quick snap with you all.
To shoot my promotional video for the campaign, I have finalized this place for the first part of shoot.
‘Jal Mahal’ is beautiful in it’s own way. No matter from where and what different places you see it from, it will never disappoint you.
One of my favourite places in jaipur to spend the evening.

Happy world health day !!

Hey everyone. Just writing this small post and requesting you everyone to workout at least 30 minutes a day. It’s hardly 3% of your entire day.
The type of body we maintain till the age of 30 decides our future body shape, stamina and strength.

Late is never, start working out.
Eat healthy. Avoid fast processed food and junk food. Prefer home made food.

Drink 4 litres water everyday.

If you are working out daily for ౩-4 muscles, the protein intake for you is “Body weight * 2” grams

If you are a beginner or just training muscles with light weight or own body weight then the protein intake is “Body weight * 1.8” grams.
If you want to gain muscles then go for 3000+ calories and high carbs diet.

If you are loosing weight then go for low carbs and 1500-2000 calories per day.
Start following, don’t lie to yourself.

Eat healthy, stay healthy, stay happy, stay motivated.
Remember, exercise is just 20% in transformation. The whole game is of healthy and routine diet. ✌

Do you hear yourself ?

Yes it’s a question to everyone. Do you really hear yourself?
Many friends of mine have asked me, complained me about their life.

Not happy with whatever is going in the life, not aware of the actions to take, what to do.

But i just can’t say anything much but to stay positive and motivated.
Born in a Rich, Middle class or poor family !! Taking care of family business, doing 5-8 table work regardless your interest. 

Every other guy does the same and this will lead to a world where buried dreams will overtake count of dead bodies under the earth. 

Everyone has some potential but then our parents know some ‘Sharma Ji’ in the neighborhood with a child with brilliant brain.
It’s the time. To stand, to rise, to shine.
Life always has a happy ending, you just don’t give up.

Failures will teach you the importance of success.
Hear yourself. Do what you love. Don’t care about anything else. 

Maybe today you are not happy with what you are doing or what is going through your life but that doesn’t mean you are not destined for what you deserve.
If you are dreaming very big and unconfident about it, keep dreaming. Because if there is even 1% chance of succeeding, you should take it as absolute certainty.
And one day, definitely, One day, you will find yourself.

Because at the end of the day ! we care about performance !

“Because I can’t get enough of it”

A motorcycle isn’t just an engine, it’s a companion. Even more than that in my eyes.
The two wheels doesn’t carry your body, they carry your soul.
So, here’s some little more customised Betty which turns around almost every head on the road.

1) Detachable rear seat for pillion and luggage.
2) Universal shock absorber springs.
3) Smaller Mudguard.
4) Adjusted indicators on handle bar.
5) Auto indicators.
6) New engine crank.
7) Auto folding rear view mirrors.
8) New 25V USB port.

Experience all weathers in just 10 days !! Incredible India

Hello everyone
We have different moods and opinions when we think about travel.
Everyone of us have different preferred months and seasons of travelling.
But its obviously not possible to travel enjoying every weather all the year by everyone.
Being born in India has got its own perks, be it the serene and ancient culture or our own heaven on earth (Ladakh).

So this time i am writing my 11 days experience which may help some fellow travellers to experience different weathers in this short span of time.

I am starting with my day 1 when i left for Noida from Jaipur at 2 AM and it was obviously cold at night. With time, the sun took leave for the day and sent the clouds for proxy 🙂

It took almost 2 hours to reach a distance of 50 KMs because of heavy rain and Delhi’s blessed traffic. Here is a picture IMG_20160831_061246


Day 2

We left for Manali late night at 11 PM and it was again raining on the highway till Chandigarh (360 KMs from Delhi) which slowed down our speed and journey.

As we started entering the himalayas the rain went away and the environment was humid with some fog. A shirt was OK to wear while riding.IMG_20160901_132308_HDR


Day 3

Woke up early to start the ride but again had to wait for a couple of hours because it was still drizzling. Manali was quite warm that day with cotton like clouds in the sky.


When we stopped to have a coffee, the locals asked us to wear warm clothes becasue it was going to be cold up there. Guess what? just after 10 KMs, the weather completely changed with freezing air and so much of fog that we barely could see at the range of 15 feets.IMG_20160902_101921_HDR

Another surprise came after 20 KMs at Rohtang La (Approx 13000 feets) when there were clouds gathered to welcome us from the whole world. IMG_20160902_110647_HDR

The moment we started descending the Rohtang pass, again the weather turned hot and we made ourselves comfortable in one layer of cloth. We took a break in Jispa for night halt. A Tent with a river flowing near to it just on a distance of approximately 100 mts.

The night was freezing cold with the temperature going down to 0 degree celcius.IMG_20160902_185400


Day 4. Jispa to Upshi

Started our ride early in the morning at 5 AM. It was warm in the morning. We were having tea and chilling and felling happy and warm till one of the shopkeepers told us to have more warm gloves and scarfs because the temperature was supposed to be -13 degree Celsius. We were comfortable until the time we started ascending the mountains, high passes and visible snow gave us the indication to wear more layers and when we reached the highest point of the mountain (Baralach La Pass, 15500 feets), i remember i was facing breathing problem, my nose was wet and i was not comfortable even standing there and clicking pictures. But thats what its all about, riding is all about. I must not complain.
A vest, then inner, then Tshirt, Then one more Tshirt, then shirt, then jacket. IMG_20160903_082739_HDR

I had a sigh of relief and it was quite shocking also. Just after 15 KMs after getting down from the pass, the sunrays starting biting me and forced me to remove 4 layers of clothes. It was a relaxing ride forward from there until i got affected by High Altitude Sickness. Vomiting  and severe headache plus a puncture in the rear tyre slowed down the journey. This made us to take a halt 50 KMs before Leh in Upshi because the oxygen level was comparatively good there.IMG_20160903_143427_HDR


The Next Day, we started our journey for Nubra Valley, a desert in Ladakh, via  Khardung La (18280 feet, highest motorable road in the world). My main moto of the ride was to take my motorcycle to Khardung La which i consider the temple of Motorcycles.
something unexpected was experienced when we were about to reach the highest point, snowfall. Light snowfall made our day and took away all the tiredness of those long rides. Temperature was also -15 and a sign board indicated, “Staying here for more than 15 minutes can be harmfull to your health”.

Rest of the ride was chilling and warm till nubra valley.

PS – Yes, I am crying in this pic 😉IMG_20160905_115032


The Next Evening, we were at Leh and the weather was all same as the previous day.


The Next Day, we headed towards Karzok, Tso Moriri Lake. This journey was very hot and i was only wearing a tshirt while riding. The weather again started turning cold and after the past days experiences, it was no big surprise this time. The lake is at 16000 feets and taking the shirt off to pose near this lake was a task of life. IMG_20160906_152311_HDR


The Next Day when we left for jispa to end the journey, it was the coldest morning i have ever had in my life. Even thick clothes and bright sun couldn’t help me to get rid of shivering. Well this was the day when my ignition key broke into two pieces and some travelers helped us get out of that trouble.IMG_20160903_111315_HDR


So, for all the people out there, if you want to experience winter, summer, rain, fog, clouds, bright sunshine, freezing breeze and snowfall in this short time, this is the destination for you.



Share your views and give feedback.

Thank you. Love. Asif

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